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It's not just about pedaling and sweating at Pedal Hard. The coaches are incredibly knowledgeable, and they put in the effort to explain what your workout means in terms of power, zones, and effort- and that information makes you a smarter racer on race day. It's data, sweat, music, and motivation, and it gets you into wickedly good shape.
Carolyn Defoore
Athlete Architecture
Pain caves are so much better with friends. The atmosphere at Pedal Hard is great... Pictures of Kevin on the walls, instructors giving you motivation, structured workouts, focused training, and the camaraderie of racing against your friends. If you have to ride inside this is the place to do it.
Michael Hinds
Voodoo Racing
The Pedal Hard approach is based in real science, is very effective, is very structured, and is surprisingly fun! What more could you ask for? The athletes I've sent there, and I personally, have seen power gains in the 10%-15% range in a just a couple of months. That's pretty surprising since all of us were already riding 200-300 miles per week. The Pedal Hard staff has even guided my wife back to fitness after a knee replacement. These folks can pretty much do it all.
Allen Turner
Violet Crown