Fish Out of Water

Don’t worry this isn’t a long story about my fishing woes and the ones that got away.

This is about feeling like that little guy I’ve got there in my hand. I had an experience a few weeks ago that made me think of how people might feel about coming to Pedal Hard for the first time or two. A client I train, Monte Grappa, invited me (or maybe I sort of invited myself) to go running with her and her training group – Rogue running. Fish out of water could be Kevin out of his saddle and on his feet but there’s more to it. See on Friday while having lunch with my wife I was starting to come up with excuses of why I might not make the run. It was too early and maybe I should train some more before trying it out, it would be easier to run from the house, maybe I need new shoes first…I was starting to compile a nice little list. Fortunately my wife encouraged me to go and try something new. Monte had made it easy for me too with the locations of parking spots, time to meet, number to text if any trouble, maps of route, clearance from Rogue coach for me to join. Okay I was committed.

The Run

Found parking no problem – check. Walking up wondered if everyone knew I was the “new” guy – no one noticed me – check. Monte where she said she would be – check. Met some nice people with the group and off we went. It was one of the more enjoyable workouts I’ve done in awhile. Monte’s group of 4-6 runners took me in under their pace and it was a blast to run in a group as I don’t have a lot of experience with that. Something I definitely hope to do more of. And like that little fish there in the photo I survived!

Lesson Learned

Don’t be afraid to be a fish out of water from time to time. Oh yeah…and if you’re ever curious remind me to tell you about that one time I had a steelhead on for over 20 minutes before my line snapped…