Founder Kevin Livingston's background

An older brother in need of a riding partner led to the start of Kevin’s road cycling career. They dug up a rusty 10-speed from their family’s garage, dawned their coveted 7-Eleven. jerseys and were off. Kevin grew up 30 miles west of St.Louis. The hills created by the river bluffs along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers suited his climbing ability and it wasn’t long until he began competing in 1989 in the juniors’ category and found his way onto the USA National Team. Twenty eight some odd years in the sport; 13 of those coaching and 15 years in competition- 8 professional years as a member of teams Motorola, Cofidis, U.S. Postal Service, and Team Telekom. 6x Tour de France Finisher and total of 9 grand tours with 2 of those being a Giro d’Italia and Tour De France back to back in 2001. Kevin was also the USA National Amateur road champion in 1994.

Training with power is Kevin’s specialty. Sixteen years of training with a power meter he was one of the pioneer riders to use power in training in the late 90s. “It’s a matter of scaling the training to each individual athlete’s ability. This is where they are going to make the most gains. The same principles of the Pros apply to other abilities as well”. Kevin believes in a careful approach to intensity and increasing fitness based on your goals. “An athlete that wants to race will need to get to the point where they can handle a race like load. Another’s goal might be weight loss and standard of life and yet another wants to conquer a monumental climb of the Tour de France. Our philosophy at Pedal hard is about the athlete”. In a technical age of power meters, heart rate monitors, speed/rpm sensors he believes the art of “feel” can be lost and works hard to coach athletes to get in tune with their bodies in order to take it to another level. “Recovery is a key component of your training program. Why do all the work if you don’t then take the time to adapt to the training and reap the benefits.”

Meet the Team

Pedal Hard Training has a strong team that motivates its clients to improve their cycling fitness, learn more about their body and reach higher goals.


Kevin Livingston

Founder & CEO

Kevin's passion and experience in cycling has allowed him to invest his knowledge in his coaches and build a solid team in Austin, Texas.